A Boutique brewery which produces a limited amount of beer to consume on its premises. It is accompanied by a Pub or a Restaurant.

It is globally known as

  • Germany “Brew-PUB” / “Brauhaus”

  • USA “Craft-Brewery” / “Nano- brewery”

  • Japan “Ji Bīru”

  • Starch Source: For the starch, Malted Wheat / Barley /Rice Flakes are used.

  • Hops: It adds Lend bitterness / Aesthetic characteristics.

  • Treated Water In Brewery, Water used is usually RO / DM with a TDS of below 20.

  • Brewer’s Yeast: A Suitable Strain to Induce Fermentation.

Our Plants

  • Two Vessel Combo Brew House
  • Electrical Boiler
  • Double Stage PHE
  • Fermenters with Bunging Devices
  • Refrigeration Unit / Chilling Vessels
  • Trolley Mounted CIP system
  • Filtration system – Candle / Sheet (Optional)
  • Bright beer tanks / Hose Pipes with hydraulic fittings / Dispensing tower with chilling unit
  • Interconnecting Stainless Steel Piping (SS 304) / Set of Pumps 3HL or 300L (Brew Length)
  • Indian – Rs.70/- Lacs*
  • Chinese – Rs. 60/- Lacs*
  • European – Rs. 1.10/- Cr*

*Note : The above Prices are subject to Dollar variations & Fluctuation in Prices of Input Materials.